New Bass Player & Shows

S'up? We're gonna be busting out our new bass player at these upcoming Toronto shows (she's a sassy old gal, still has several of her original teeth, a bit of dementia but she's still got a few months left in her old ticker): 

05.23.09 @ the Rearview Mirror w. Overpower +2. 
(2 doors down from the old Planet Kensington in the 'Market)
06.06.09 @ Siesta Nouveaux (15 Lower Sherbourne, Toronto)
w. Nitad (Sweden), Molested Youth & Canadian Rifle (Chicago).

Also, this happened:
...yeah, you're welcome. 

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thepoliceandthieves said...

I'd like to have you old bastards play a show on June 21st in Toronto, but I have no idea how to contact you, so i resorted to leaving this comment. If you're interested, just give me a shout back over this blog I suppose, or you can email me at jmaxymiw@hotmail.com.
Thanks a lot.