...And Angina's Tough.

* March 21st show moved to Rancho Relaxo. RIP Adrift Clubhouse!

Mature Situations, the band, was borne of the need to trivialize the grievances and tribulations of the elderly, (in a sexual manner where possible), so as to anger karma and preemptively flip off the inevitable pants-shitting, Viagra-snorting, hip-replacing, sour-milk-smelling future of all men. We have shows. We made a demo. We're doing a 7" with Free Cake (NJ) to be out by early summer and one for Deranged later in the year. And more importantly... 
...we're making sick props (thanks Alison):
...so check back for more show and record updates. 
For now, here's the goods. Stay Old, Pony Boy:

Mature Situations - Demo (HERE):

1. Golden Age
2. Forced Retirement
3. Soylent Old
4. These Old Hands
5. Shrapnel Catcher

Thanks Jonah. 

We're playing Rancho Relaxo with Coliseum, Blackbirds
 and fuckin' Slaughterstrike on March 21st.
We'll have some shirts and gross pins by then. 
Thanks to SITC & everyone that played and came out 
to Siesta on Dec 27'th. Here's the sickening proof:

...whoops! That's the proof that punk is dead. 
Here's the show thing:


Thursday Friday said...

Threw a link up for the demo on wizard blog, hope thats cool.
Great show at Rancho.

\m/ said...

Don't think I've turned off as much people as I have since the show than in my whole life....The shirt fits great!.

meatandchips said...

I've thrown up a link to the demo at http://meatandchips.wordpress.com/ as well, hope you don't mind.

When are you guys going to have shirts available online?